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The End of a Series

In recent days I have picked up on certain concepts that were being shown to me, and absorbed it as a learning process. Right now a lot is changing in my life, and due to this The Quinn Experience will not be able to continue as it is anymore.

This doesn't mean it's gone forever, but it will need to have changes thought out to do it better for future purposes. This also does not mean there won't be anything to look forward to, though, The Other Chats is still going and we have quite a few projects on the brink of being available on the site. So, look forward to new entertainment to come.

Posted By: Jake Quinn Date: 19 February 2012

In House

We've made a few basic changes around here to bring all of our hosted media in house. For those who have been with us since the very beginning you will remember that we started on (and hosted content through) Other Family Community. All media is now on Other Media Productions as one would expect.

In the next coming days we have a few more minor changes that we intend to implement across the site, so be sure to check back often for more new features and content!

Posted By: Alex Huilman Date: 14 February 2012

Design Changes

We've made a few basic changes to the design of the site in a couple of places (specifically in the Podcasts and Music sections). Hopefully you find this more intuitive than we had it set before.

Posted By: Alex Huilman Date: 12 February 2012

New Quinn Experience

I'm back again with another episode of me, I mean The Quinn Experience. It was definitly "No Homo" not only in what took place on the recording but also in previous events. Enjoy this latest episode as I make a fool of myself once again. Enjoy and don't hate me, thanks.

Posted By: Jake Quinn Date: 12 February 2012

The New Site

Welcome to the brand new website for Other Media Productions. We came to the decision that things for the media group needed a little bit of a face lift, and at the same time wanted to separate it from the Community page as it is not really directly part of that function.

We are very excited to offer up this new location to house all the media projects handled by the Other Family Community, and hope that you will find it to be an adequate space for your media needs. Take some time to browse around and familiarize yourself with the new setup, and feel free to contact us at any time.

Posted By: Alex Huilman Date: 12 February 2012

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